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Shinman Yamada , Biography

1944 Born in Naha city, Okinawa,, Japan
1970-1972 Studied glaze techniques at the Tochigi Prefectural Pottery Institute, Tochigi, Japan
1979 Built a treditional pottery klin in Yomitan, Okinawa, Japan


Shinman Yamada is a prominent ceramic artist and is also known as a very inspirational brush artist.
His outstanding skill of brushstroke creates unprecedented impressions on each ceramic work.

Yamadafs ceramic artwork inherits all the colors and energy of Okinawa.
His artwork leads people to see the huge vista of blue sky, wide expansion of ocean, and even to the vast universe.

His art is always inspirational and promises us the spectacular view of nature.


Photograph by: © Yuko Oshiro

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