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Seikichi Inamine was born in Naha City of Okinawa, Japan, in 1940. His career as a glass blower started in his early twenties and he mastered the technique of Okinawa style glass works.

In 1988, he established his own glass art studio, "Free Blowing Glass Studio - Rainbow", in Naha City. A year later, 1989, he was endorsed as one of the most prestigious artists in Okinawa. Several years later, November of 1994, he was entitled as a "Contemporary Master Craftsman."

At the main banquet of G8 World Leaders Summit, July 22, 2000, in Okinawa, Inamine's glass wares were used and introduced to the Presidents, Prime Ministers and First Ladies of the world.

During the 1950's, long before the word, "eco-friendly" was recognized as a new international trend, Inamine' art was created from recycled glass bottles.
He is an Acknowledged Ecology Glass Artist.

As an Ecology Glass Artist, he is in harmony with nature, with his works and the colors he produces.
Many of the colors that are used to represent the various shades are brought together from the natural resources in Okinawa.
Turmeric for yellow, Okinawa's sweet potato for purple, browns from signature Okinawa agricultural products, brown sugar, charcoals for pink, light purple from rice bran.
He is on a constant quest to develop new and vibrant colors for his works.

2001 Modern Art Gallery, Piombino (Bionbino) Art Museum, in Italy
2002 Stockholm Peace Art Exhibition, at Stockholm in Norway
2002 Honorary Award at the Japanese Culture Exhibit in Principality of Monaco
2003 Special Guest Exhibit at the Vila Boniatousky Museum. Rome, Italy
2005 Award for Cultural Merit. at the Contemporary International Art Exhibit in China.
2008 Museum of the Decorative Arts and Design, in Paris, France
2009 International Contemporary Furniture Design Fair, in New York (May 16-19)
Photograph: © Yuko Oshiro
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