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A New Vision of Glass Art

Bubble Glass is a creative way of making a new use out of recycled bottles with a diverse "bubble effect" inside.

Inamine has shifted his priorities from eliminating the bubbles, utilizing and enhancing them, to create a new method of art expression by repeating an artistically advanced bubble foaming process.

It is a unique process Inamine has accepted, to develop the attractive, dynamic, wildly dancing and distinctly diverse bubbles in his Bubble Glass Art forms.

As an Ecology Friendly Glass Artist, he is in harmony with nature, with his works and the colors he produces.

Many of the colors that are used to represent the various shades are brought together from the natural resources in Okinawa.

Turmeric for yellow, Okinawa's sweet potato for purple, browns from signature Okinawa agricultural products, brown sugar, charcoals for pink, light purple from rice bran.

He is on a constant quest to develop new and vibrant colors for his works  

@Photograph by: © Yuko Oshiro

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